Frankie Boyle Leads Attacks On Donald Trump For US Presidential Debate Performance


Boyle, left, tackled Trump, right, over his performance on Sunday

Frankie Boyle has led the charge from high-profile Brits against Donald Trump for his performance in the second US presidential debate.

There was generally a mixed reaction of horror and humour from pundits in the UK, coupled with the relief that politics here was being made to look mundane by Trump’s ever-increasing controversy.

Boyle live-tweeted about the debate, ultimately assessing that the Republican nominee spent 90 minutes acting like a “shrieking pumpkin”.

Round about this time of night, I like to watch a dying woman being called a rape enabler by a shrieking pumpkin

— Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) October 10, 2016

The comedian set out with high hopes for last night’s spar.

Oh man, this is going to be brilliant, a proper South Park episode/ Robocop insert

— Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) October 10, 2016

But was surprised to see a low-energy Trump stalking his opponent around the stage – a contrast from his usual performance at rallies packed full of thousands of adoring supporters.

The whole situation seemed to get a bit much for Boyle, who pondered how America had managed to navigate itself to the point that Trump could actually be elected president in less than a month.

Oh man, how did Trump get here? He just seems like a low rent villain in a Disney movie trying to build a hotel on a kids’ skatepark.

— Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) October 10, 2016

Columnist Laurie Penny also waded into the debate, putting a different spin on proceedings:

Trump is a rabid dog sent into a frothing incoherent rage by his own reflection in a mirror. He doesn’t know he’s attacking himself. #debate

— Laurie Penny (@PennyRed) October 10, 2016

While novelist Hari Kunzru hit the prolific 3am tweeter Trump where it hurt him the most.

Labour’s Chris Bryant laid into Trump for saying Clinton would be charged, sentenced and jailed if his bid for the White House was successful.

Only in corrupt pretend democracies does a candidate for President threaten to imprison his opponent. Trump doesn’t believe in rule of law.

— Chris Bryant MP (@RhonddaBryant) October 10, 2016

But comedian Josh Gad couldn’t even muster a joke to tackle the Republican nominee.

Sadly, I sat down 2 comedically tweet a #debate tonight, but I’ve never been so sad and depressed to see a man like Trump speak 4 my country

— Josh Gad (@joshgad) October 10, 2016